Composting Guide, How to Compost

Composting guide, how to compost

Composting is referred to as “one of nature’s best mulches and soil amendments.” Composting is a cost-effective method of creating soil nutrients that you can use inexpensively for your gardening … Read more

Are Mason Jars Airtight?

Are mason jars airtight

When you are at home, you may not throw away all leftover food since this may be an unnecessary waste. Indeed, you can safely store different types of food in … Read more

Is Wax Paper Compostable?

Is wax paper compostable

Wax paper can be used for packaging and it has many advantages such as being waterproof and it also offers other benefits to the environment. However, the question is: “Is … Read more

Is Cheesecloth Reusable?

Is Cheesecloth Reusable?

If you’ve been using cheesecloth for some time, you know buying new sheets for every use can get expensive. Personally, I hate the thought of wasting money on something I’ve … Read more