Can You Put Mason Jars in the Freezer?

For storage of perishable food in the freezer, you will certainly need a quality jar. For instance, mason jars are suitable for that purpose and they come in different forms. Wondering if you can put mason jars in the freezer? Yes, you can perfectly do that as long as you have the right type of jar. 

Glass Mason Jars are ideal for preserving perishable food products that should be kept frozen. However, you should know that glass containers are susceptible to breakages if they are not filled properly. There are different steps that you should take to ensure that your storage jar does not break. 

Maintain the appropriate level

If you are using your mason jar for storing products that are in liquid form, you must make sure that you do not fill the container to the brim. As liquid freezes, it expands meaning that it will occupy more space. Therefore, when your jar is too full, then it is bound to break as the contents will expand upon reaching the freezing stage. 


You will certainly not cherish the idea of losing the food that you have stored in your freezer. You must leave a gap of about two inches from the lid when you fill your jar so that it will not break when the contents freeze. 

Freeze the contents in an open jar

The other trick that you can try is to freeze the contents in an open jar. Just fill the jar to the desired level and put it into a freezer without a lid. When the liquid freezes, you can tight screw the lid on the jar and you are done. It is always important to ensure that you leave a gap to allow the liquid to expand in the open jar but making sure that it does not spill.
There are also special types of lids that are solid and made of recyclable material that is durable and it also does not rust. You can only clean the lid with dishwasher and reuse them again. 

Avoid putting hot things in freezers   

A glass container is thick so it may be dangerous to immediately pour hot contents from the stove into the jar. This may prevent the glass container from responding in a uniform pattern to the abrupt expansion caused by hot contents that may lead to breakage.  

If you want to store hot soup in your glass mason jar, you must first wait for the contents to cool in open air or place in a fridge if you are in a hurry. Make sure the contents cool completely before placing the jar in a freezer. 


There is nothing that can stop you from putting your mason jars in the freezer. All you need to do is to ensure that you are using a mason glass jar with a durable lid. When you fill the contents, make sure that you leave a gap to enable the liquid to expand so that the jar does not crack.  

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