Significance of Shutterfly Reusable shopping bag Review

Do you know that you can make a big change to the environment if you adopt reusable products? Human activities are responsible for contributing to environmental degradation hence, the need for you to play your part. As such, the following Shutterfly reusable shopping bag review post seeks to highlight the significance of the product with regard to waste reduction. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Shutterfly Bag

The problem of environmental pollution through activities like dumping is common and it is everyone’s responsibility to play a role toward eradicating it. One way of doing this is for different people to consider the option of buying reusable Shutterfly shopping bags. This product is ideal in that you can reuse it for your shopping instead of dumping it after use. 

Every person is a potential buyer of this particular product and there are certain things that you should consider when you want to buy it. You should make sure that the bag is made of recyclable material. Since you also want to be part of the solution to the problem of environmental pollution, it is imperative to ensure that the material of the bag is friendly to the environment. 

Significance of Shutterfly Reusable shopping bag Review

The other thing that you should consider pertains to the design of the Shutterfly bag. There are different types of bags and they also have various features. For instance, you may need to enquire if you can personalize the bag with a special photo like what others do before you buy it. 

Shutterfly Reusable Shopping Bags

Shutterfly bags are specially designed to satisfy the needs of all shoppers and they consist of quality materials that do not pollute the environment. The reusable bag has a large size and you can fit a lot of items. The bag is designed to carry an assortment of groceries and you can use it over a long period since it is durable. 

In many places, shoppers are dumping plastic bags for this wonderful bag. Plastic bags can impact on the environment if they are not properly disposed off and this is the reason why reusable bags are significantly gaining popularity. The other important feature about the bag is that it is foldable and you can easily fit it in your pocket.


The other handsome feature about the bag is that you can personalize it and print any photo that you desire. The pictures will be very clear on the bag which you can also use for any occasion. The product also makes a good gift to your loved ones. The following are the pros and cons of the Shutterfly reusable bag. 


  • The bag is large
  • It is customizable and you can add your image 
  • The bag is foldable and easy to carry when empty


  • Some users complain of thin material
  • The pictures are at times poor

Features and Benefits of the Shutterfly Reusable Bag

The bag consists of various features that can appeal to your interests and these features also have many benefits.

You Can Add Personal Photo

This feature is handsome especially if you want to buy the bag as a gift to someone special to you. You can design your eco-friendly Shutterfly shopping with a nice photo of yourself or someone.  This feature helps to create a sense of self-importance to the user of the bag. You can also choose from a variety of styles of bags which makes your choice wide. 

Holds Up to 50 Pounds

The other great benefit of the bag is that it can hold up to 50 lbs of groceries due to its durable material. You do not need multiple bags to carry your groceries since you can use this particular bag for the purpose. The bag is also convenient in that you can manage to handle it even if it has a heavy load. Its handle drop is 11.5 inches that make it easy to carry.  

Significance of Shutterfly Reusable shopping bag Review

Water-Resistant Material

The other benefit of the bag is that it is made of polyester and it is resistant to water. You do not need to worry about the bad weather when you are going out for shopping. Your products would be dry and you can also use the bag in different conditions. 

Since the bag is reusable, the other great benefit that you can enjoy is that it is machine washable. The bag is bound to get dirty over time from being repeatedly used but the good news is that you can wash it. The bag is easy to wash and it can retain its original shape and color even if it is washed. 

Alternatives of the Shutterfly Reusable Bag

There are also other alternatives that you can consider in place of the Shutterfly reusable bag. 

Canvas Tote Bags

The canvas tote bags are good alternatives to the Shutterfly reusable bags since they are made of durable and sturdy material. You can use the bag that is made of canvas material over and over again and it is friendly to the environment unlike plastic bags that can only be used once in most cases then disposed off. 

Significance of Shutterfly Reusable shopping bag Review

Gauze-y Types of Bags

The gauze-y types of bags can also act as an alternative to Shutterfly reusable bags since they are strong. However, the only issue with these bags is that they are designed for solid objects like fruits and they cannot be appropriate for ordinary shopping of groceries. All the same, these types of bags are friendly to the environment and they can last a longer period.

Cotton Bags 

Cotton bags can also be a good alternative to Shutterfly reusable bags. The cotton bags consist of material that is friendly to the environment and they can also last for a long period. The bags are also ideal for shopping purposes. 


Over and above, it can be observed that a Shutterfly reusable shopping bag is friendly to the environment and it is designed to satisfy the needs of the customers. The bag is an idea for shoppers since it can fit different types of groceries. The bag also consists of water-resistant material and you can also personalize it.