What Proteins Powders Sold IN Glass Zero Waste?

With the popularity of protein powders in recent years, some people are choosing to use glass jars with a lid. Glass is an eco-friendly option when compared to plastic or metal containers and it makes for easy clean up. But what type of proteins can you find sold in these jars?

The “form nutrition” is a protein powder that is sold in glass jars. The powder can be used to make smoothies and other drinks.

Is protein powder environmentally friendly?

A: The environmental impact of protein powder is largely dependent on the ingredients used to make it. Some protein powders are made from soy, milk, or pea proteins and can be environmentally friendly. Other protein powders use animal-based proteins like whey and casein that can have a significant impact on the environment.


Protein powders are sold in glass jars, which is a zero waste product. Protein powder is often used to make protein shakes. Reference: protein powder in glass jar.

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