How to Make Cranberry Juice Taste Better?

Many people who have tasted 100 % undiluted cranberry juice know that it has a sour taste and it may not be palatable to other individuals. Naturally, cranberries have low sugar content which contributes to the bitter taste. However, cranberry juice has amazing benefits for your health. As such, this article addresses the issue of how to make cranberry juice taste better.   

What are the Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice?

There are quite a number of health benefits that you can get from cranberry juice. Some of the health benefits of cranberry juice include the following: skin healing properties, urinary tract infections, anti-tumor properties as well as cardiovascular health properties. 

Skin Healing Properties

Cranberry juice has a high content in Vitamin C which is very important for the immune system. It significantly helps the body to repair tissue. When you are injured, Vitamin C helps to facilitate blood clotting thereby speeding the healing process of the damaged tissue. 

Cranberry juice is also high in antioxidants that have high anti-inflammatory properties. Extended exposure to elements like heat from the sun can cause problems like inflammation of the skin which causes severe discomfort in some cases. If you regularly take cranberry juice, then your body can naturally fight the problem of inflammation which is good for your health.


On top of that, cranberry juice is also known for having properties that can help clear different skin conditions such as wrinkles and acne. The antioxidant properties found in cranberries help to oxygenate the skin which in turn helps to prevent the growth of bacteria on it.   

Cranberry Juice also Alleviates Urinary Tract Infections in Women 

Cranberry juice is also known for having properties that can help to alleviate urinary tract attractions among women. Cranberry juice is known for having low sugar content and it also has antioxidants which are beneficial to urinary tract health among women. 

Cranberry juice which is 100% pure can cure minor UTI and it can also help to make the urinary tract healthier. However, it is essential to avoid sweetened cranberry juice that is diluted by apple or other related juices. You can make cranberry juice that is 100% at home or you can get it from the organic section of the grocery store that you visit. 

Wondering what urinary tract infection is and how it can be treated by cranberry juice? If there are more micro-organisms in your urine that exceed the expected normal level, then you will experience what is called a urinary tract infection. There are different types of infections that can affect the kidneys, bladder as well as prostate among men. 

How to make cranberry juice taste better?

Against this background, it can be observed that cranberry juice has proanthocyanidins and these have anti-clinging properties. The properties help to prevent the bacteria from clinging on the cells found on the walls of the bladder, kidneys as well as prostate. This will also help to prevent the bacteria from multiplying while at the same time flushing them out through the urinary system. 

However, you must know that cranberry juice might not be able to clear the infection completely but it helps to keep your system hydrated while at the same time preventing the infection from worsening while you seek effective means to treat it. 

Cardiovascular Health Properties

The other important aspect of cranberry juice is that it is capable of lowering the risks of heart-related diseases or other related illnesses. Cranberries have antioxidant properties and flavonoids which help to lower the threat of atherosclerosis, a disease that results from the narrowing of arteries. 

This is caused by the buildup of fat, cholesterol as well as calcium which disturbs the flow of oxygen to different parts of the body. This can lead to heart attacks or strokes. However, cranberries have properties that suppress oxidation of LDL while stimulating blood platelets which reduce the risk of heart-related illnesses. 

Anti-Tumor Properties

Studies indicate that cranberry juice has high polyphenolic compounds which help to slow down or stop completely the development of colon, lung, breast or prostate tumors. Cranberry juice also has salicylic acid which helps to reduce swelling while at the same time eliminating tumors and preventing the formation of blood clots. 

 How to Make Cranberry Juice Taste Better?

Going back to the main question, I think you will agree that cranberry juice has immense health benefits which means that it is vital to take it regularly. To enjoy the full benefits of cranberry juice, you should take at least two ounces of the contents every day. However, taking the juice in its natural state can be a bit challenging to other people which also means that it should be diluted to taste better.

Artificial sweeteners like the ones found in store-bought cranberry juices are not recommended. These can include processed pineapple as well as other types of sugary drinks. However, you can still sweeten your juice using natural sweeteners like honey which also has medicinal properties that are beneficial to your health. However, avoid overheating honey since this can destroy its medicinal properties. 

Alternatively, you can make cranberry juice palatable by diluting two ounces of the juice with eight ounces of water. Essentially, the aim is to make cranberry juice consumable rather than improving its taste. Sweeteners are good for that particular purpose but you can also opt for other natural means of reducing the tartness of the juice.  

You can store your homemade cranberry juice in a sealed container in the fridge for a period of about two weeks. Alternatively, you can freeze the juice if you are not going to consume it within two weeks.  


Cranberry juice has a lot of health benefits but the main issue is that it has a sour taste that might make it unpalatable to other people. As noted, there are different steps that you can take to make the taste of the juice better. You should know that artificial sweeteners are not recommended for diluting the juice to improve its taste. 

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