How to Convert Friend to Minimalism Zero Waste?

Minimalism is a new and growing movement that promotes living with less, to focus on what’s important. Its rise has been assisted by the ubiquity of social media which offers an easy way for people from all different backgrounds to share their stories and success experiences in achieving minimalism. However there are downsides too- namely how much time it can take up when you’re addicted to keeping your life digital at almost any cost.

In today’s society, we have become so obsessed with material possessions that it has become almost impossible to live a healthy life. We are constantly bombarded with advertisements for the latest and greatest products. This is why going “eco minimalism” can be such an effective way of living.

How do you transition to a zero waste lifestyle?

A: There are many ways to transition to a zero waste lifestyle. The first step is to identify what you currently use and how much you use. You can then work on reducing the amount of these items that you need, or finding alternatives for them. For example, if youre using plastic bags at the grocery store, consider bringing your own reusable bag with you and carrying it around with you instead of putting it in the trash when done.


100 things to get rid of” is a blog post by the blogger, Minimalism Zero Waste. In this article, they list 100 items that they need to get rid of in order to be more minimalist and eco-friendly.

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