Are Dryer Balls Bad for Your Dryer?

There are different things that you should know about dryer balls that can help you make an informed decision to buy them. Essentially, dryer balls play a pivotal role in preventing your laundry in the dryer from sticking together. 

Dryer balls help to separate your laundry while at the same time allowing free circulation of warm air which helps to reduce drying time. This will help to quicken the drying process of your garments by promoting evaporation. When your laundry is stuck together, the drying process can take longer time. For example, items made of thick fabric do not dry quickly if they are stuck together.

Dryer balls can also help in softening of fabrics in the dryer. A shorter drying cycle of your laundry can create this kind of hard feel or wrinkles on your garments. This may give you problems when ironing them.  Thus, dryer balls can help soften your clothes for greater results. 

The other thing that you may need to know is that dryer balls are designed to last for a very long period. You can use them on 1,000 loads of laundry and still get good results. However, when you notice any sign of aging, then you can consider replacing them. 

How to Use Dryer Balls

It is important to know how dryer balls work to get the best results. Since dryer balls work by separating clothes and allowing free circulation of air, it is important to remember that they need space. For instance, they work more efficiently on small to medium size loads.

Using dryer balls giant loads of laundry is just a futile exercise since they will be overpowered. When the load is light, the balls can circulate freely which helps to quicken the drying time. Therefore, if you have a heavy load, it is advisable to split it into smaller loads for quicker drying time. 

The most common dryer balls consist of six regular balls or three XL balls. It is extremely simple to use the dryer balls since you only need to throw them into your laundry and do nothing else. Dryer balls usually come with no fragrance but you can add your own if you wish so. 

Just add a few drops of your favourite oil on each ball and leave them for a few hours. This process is just the same like preparing own dryer sheets. The fragrance will spread to the clothes while you are drying them. 

Dryer balls can also help to remove the buildup of static electricity from the garments. You can spray the balls with some water before putting them into the dryer which increases the humidity level in the dryer which helps to remove any static. A safety pin on one of the dryer balls can also do the trick since it diffuses the static. 

Are Dryer Balls Bad?

Back to the main question! You will certainly agree that dryer balls are not bad to your dryer after all. In fact, they help to quicken the drying process of the laundry in the dryer which also helps it to operate efficiently. 

The dryer is strained when the drying process especially of heavy fabric takes longer. Thus, dryer balls are designed to make your life easier and cheaper. They are made of natural fibers and they are eco-friendly since they do not cause any harm to the environment.

Are Dryer Balls Bad for Your Dryer?

For example, Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls Organic consists of 100 % organic wool and they are designed to quicken the drying process of your laundry. These dryer balls represent the best alternative to other toxic dryer sheets. 

The balls can last for 1000s of loads and they are made of quality wool that is natural. The product is also good in that it helps to eliminate wrinkles on your laundry after drying. The balls help keep your garments soft and smooth. 

Benefits of Using Wool Dryer Balls

There are many benefits that you can obtain from using dryer balls such as quickening the drying process of your laundry. This helps to save you time as well as your machine from strain. Heavy fabrics tend to stick together and this will affect the drying process. This can also cause wrinkles which ultimately makes ironing of the garments difficult. 


Dryer balls separate clothes in the dryer thereby allowing free circulation of warm air. The warm air quickens the drying process while sucking evaporated water which leaves the clothes softer. When used properly, drying balls can positively contribute toward maintaining your garments in good condition. 

Natural dryer balls are eco-friendly and this is a major benefit to the users and the environment at large. Other dryer balls consist of chemicals that can be detrimental to the environment in the long run. The user is also not exposed to any harm by using natural dryer balls. 


Dryer balls help to quicken the drying process of clothes and other types of linen. Natural dryer balls are eco-friendly and you can use them for several loads of laundry. When using dryer balls, feel at ease since they are not bad to your dryer. The other thing that you should know is that by using these items, you are not causing any impact to the environment.