Who Gives a Crap Reviews

Environmental issues are of great concern and what is worrying is that some of the products we use every day contribute to the problem. To address, such challenges, I am of the view that we should adopt eco-friendly products that are produced in a sustainable manner.

For instance, Who Gives a Crap reviews can inform different people about the significance of using sustainable products. 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Product 

Environmental challenges like pollution as well as deforestation are real and everyone has a significant role to play to minimize them. Recyclable material can go a long way in addressing some of the environmental problems that we face in different scenarios.

As a responsible citizen, you should also promote the goal of sustainability. The product is designed for all people since they use toilet paper every day. Therefore, every person who is conscious about these environmental challenges is a potential customer of this product.   

Who Gives a Crap Reviews

However, you should think about certain things before you buy the product. For instance, you should try to establish if the product is ethical. You also need to ask if the product does not include any raw material since this would be against the concept of sustainability. You must also probe if the product includes other components that can be detrimental to the environment.

About the Product

Who Gives A Crap is toilet tissue that is recycled or made from bamboo. The toilet paper is made of recycled material that is 100% post-consumer content. The material includes textbooks, newspapers as well as office paper. 

The recycled rolls are made without trees unlike other toilet papers across the globe. Who Gives a Crap recycled toilet rolls are eco-friendly. They are also wrapped in reusable paper. The major essence of this particular product is to protect the environment while utilizing waste to produce valuable products. 

Who Gives a Crap Reviews

When you recycle waste material, it means that you will not cut down trees to make the same products which helps to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. On the other hand, waste material is not randomly disposed which is also good for the environment since pollution is reduced. 

The product does not include any ink dyes or other related scents that are usually made from chemicals that can have an impact on the environment. When you are using this recycled toilet paper, it feels soft and it appeals to your conscience. It gives you a sense of importance since you will be playing your part in protecting the environment. 

Features and Benefits

The major notable aspect about Who Gives a Crap is that it is 100 percent sustainably-sourced and it is made of recycled material or bamboo. The essence of the product is to promote the concept of sustainability in a bid to minimize the impact on the environment. 

The manufacturers of this product also strive to be ethical and socially responsible by giving back to the communities in need of sanitary facilities.   

Other recycled tissue papers give you this feeling of being rejected, Who Gives a Crap is good quality paper that is designed to satisfy your needs. The roll is 3-ply while the majority of toilet papers are 2-ply. This means that the paper is stronger and you can safely use it in the toilet.  

Who Gives a Crap Reviews

The tissue paper is also free of perfumes and dyes and it is suitable for the purpose it was designed for. Toilet paper is just okay without fragrances since it is not a product that is not supposed to be fancy. At times, inks and dyes can be irritating in the toilet. 

The toilet paper is very strong and the other important feature about it is that it is also soft. The softness of the paper gives you comfort when you are using the paper in the toilet. The strength of the paper means that it does not easily break such that you can accidentally touch excreta. 

The other benefit of Who Gives a Crap is that it is made of material that is biodegradable and septic safe. When you are using this product, then there are no worries about blockages of the drainage system since the toilet paper can quickly dissolve in water. 

Other Alternatives

There are also other alternatives that you can get in place of this product. These products are also designed to promote the goal of sustainability. Their prices vary but you can check with Amazon.  

Cusheen Quilted Luxury Aloe Vera Scented 3 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper 

Cusheen Quilted Luxury Aloe Vera Scented 3 Ply super-soft toilet tissue consists of three layers designed to ensure maximum absorption. The product was created with micro-impressions, and it gives you a comfortable feeling when you are using it. 

The product is also made from virgin pulp that is sustainably sourced. It is also designed to fit on any dispenser of toilet rolls. There are also other options of unscented white toilet papers.

Who Gives a Crap Reviews

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue 

Andrex Classic Clean toilet roll is made from sustainably sourced material and it is embossed for freshness and cleanliness. The toilet paper also balances strength and softness such that you can use it without any fear of damages. 

Who Gives a Crap Reviews

Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper

This is another alternative product that you can also try since it is sustainably produced. The toilet paper is soft and it is comfortable when you are using it. The other feature about this tissue paper is that it is strong while at the same time giving you a cushion feel. The paper comes from responsible sources which makes the tissue an ethical product. 

Who Gives a Crap Reviews


Who Gives a Crap aims to address some of the environmental challenges that can be attributed to human factors such as the products that we use. The recycled toilet paper is eco-friendly and it can go a long way in helping people to change their behavior toward environmental issues. If you carefully read this post, then you will appreciate the importance of protecting the environment.