What to Do with Old Crayons + Zero Waste?

Do you have old crayons in your home that are no longer being used? Instead of throwing them out, why not donate them to a charity, like the Little Free Library movement. The nonprofit provides boxes and books for little free libraries all around America where people can leave stuff they don’t need anymore. If there aren’t any nearby, make your own! Bring an empty box from home or buy one at a dollar store for just $1 and set it up anywhere you want. When kids find their favorite crayon isn’t working as well anymore, simply replace it with new ones when coloring time comes again!

The “what to do with old broken crayons” is a blog post that shares ideas on how to use up old crayons. They also share zero waste tips.

The “free crayon recycling program” is a great way to make sure that your old crayons don’t end up in the garbage. There are also many other things you can do with them.

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