The Best Loofah Alternatives 

Ever wondered if loofah is a safe option to use in the shower? You should, especially if you are like me who is interested in living a bacteria-free life. 

One of the things we do daily is to take our bath. It doesn’t matter if it is in the shower or you take a plunge in the lake, you will need to wash your body at least once a day. For a clean bath, you will need to use a loofah or a washcloth to keep the dirt out. 

If you use a loofah for washing your body, then you should be aware that it is prone to bacteria contamination and needs to be sterilized regularly.

Other loofah alternatives are free from bacterial contamination and don’t require regular sterilization. You can read up on some other options you can use in cleaning your body below. 

Loofah Alternatives 

Loofahs are cheap and readily available since they are made from fibrous tropical plants such as coconut barks and straws. While they are soft on the skin and easy to use, you will need to replace them after a few weeks which could make them expensive in the long run. Some other cheap loofah alternatives that you can try include:

  • Skin Brush 

A skin brush is your best alternative to using a loofah. It cleans your skin deeply and is best for deep skin wash especially for when you need to get rid of tough stains. 

Skin brushes are designed with soft bristles that don’t bruise your skin. Apart from exfoliating the skin, skin brushes also help to improve circulation. You can make use of a skin brush before showering. This process is known as dry brushing and is usually done in the mornings. You can start from your foot and work your way up towards the center of the body. You want to be careful not to brush too hard so as not to injure the skin, especially if you have delicate skin. 

The Best Loofah Alternatives

Skin brushes are cheap and can be purchased online. They are safe to use and don’t require frequent sterilization like a loofah. You want to ensure you get a soft brush and avoid using it on sensitive skin. 

  • Skin Mitt or Glove 

You can also make use of an exfoliating mitt or glove on your skin. They are easy to use, all you have to do is to wear it and scrub away. Unlike skin brush, gloves are soft on the skin and do not leave bruise marks when you scrub too hard. Gloves are a safer option for everyday scrubbing. You most likely will spend a long time in the bathroom when using a skin brush which is one reason why I love using gloves. 

They are different options to choose from; some gloves are made with additives such as charcoal for deeper cleansing. but most of them are made with soft fabric material that does not require frequent sterilization. Whichever one you choose, ensure that it fits your fingers properly to avoid slipping away from your fingers. 

  • Natural Sponge 

Another loofah alternative is a natural sponge. They are soft on the skin which makes them suitable for use for babies. They are also a good bath scrub for adults. The natural sea sponge is the most commonly used type because it retains more water compared to skin brushes and gloves. To release water from the sponge, you will have to apply pressure to it. This allows you to control how much water the sponge holds. 

A sponge also cleans deep and doesn’t result in skin irritations like when you make use of a loofah. 

The Best Loofah Alternatives

Apart from cleaning the skin, natural sponges can also add a bit of style to your bathroom. They are available in different shapes and design which makes it easy for you to style with them. 

  • Skin Cloth 

You can also wash your body by using a dry cloth. But you must know that not all cloth can be used as a scrub. Skin clothes are made from different materials; some are made from soft nylon while others are made from thick fabrics like towels. 

You will have to select a suitable fabric that works well with your skin. You also don’t need to spend much on skin cloth, there are cheap options that cost less than a burger. But you can also save yourself the expenses and make use of an old rag. You want to ensure that the rag is clean enough to use in scrubbing your skin. 

How to Make Loofah Safe to Use? 

If you are finding it difficult to part ways with your favorite loofah, then you will need to make it safer for you to use. The truth is that loofah is prone to bacterial infection due to the dead skin cells that get left on it after each shower. 

There are many reasons why you won’t want to give up your loofah. For one, it lathers easily with a little drop of soap and washes the skin thoroughly. But since your health and safety is of importance, you need to take precaution with your bath scrub. You can improve the condition of your loofah by simply 

  • Drying it after use 

After each shower, you need to dry your loofah. You can do this by squeezing excess water out of it and placing it close to an open window with enough ventilation. Since the bathroom is usually damp, it encourages the growth of bacteria which can easily creep into a wet scrub. Keeping your loofah dry after each use is your best bet to ensuring it remains safe and free from germs. 

  • Sterilize it Often 

You should also endeavor to sterilize your loofah once every week. You can do this by soaking it in boiling water for 10 minutes. By so doing, any bacteria that has crept inside it should be eliminated by the heat. You can also leave it in the microwave for a minute or less for quick action. It doesn’t matter which method you use; you want to ensure you repeat it once a week. 

The Best Loofah Alternatives

What is your favorite shower scrub? And how do you keep it free from bacteria? We will like to hear from you in the comment section.