Plastic Free Guide: Tips for a Life Without Plastic

Plastic material causes environmental footprint and it also poses various threats to wildlife. The problem with plastic waste that is disposed in landfills is that it does not decompose like other waste material from plants and cardboard. This means that plastic waste material will continue to pose a threat to the environment and it also continues to pollute oceans.

However, plastic use is widespread among people from different parts of the globe such that a plastic-free lifestyle can be difficult to imagine. All the same, the goal of achieving a plastic-free world is noble and it is possible. As such, this plastic-free guide, tips fro a life without plastic aims to give you some steps that you can take to reduce impact on the environments through minimizing plastic use. 

Tips on How to Avoid Plastic at Home  

It is undoubtedly true that plastic material impacts on the environment since it can take decades without decomposing. Plastic is also common because it is cheap to mold and use such that our life is dependent on it. While it may be difficult to create plastic-free communities, it is possible to shift gradually from using plastic to other viable alternatives that are eco-friendly. 

To combat such a problem of this magnitude, everyone should act responsibly and try to minimize plastic use in different scenarios. As a responsible citizen, you should play a leading role in reducing plastic use. This can make a huge impact if the action is collective.     


The bulk of products in various shops consist of plastic packaging. Plastic carry bags are also very common and they are used in almost every retail shop. When you do your shopping for groceries, the cashiers will often ask you if you need a plastic bag. This has become a norm in different retail shops like chain supermarkets. 

Plastic Free Guide Tips for a Life Without Plastic

Therefore, you can have your way of promoting a plastic-free society by using reusable bags that are made of other materials like fiber and canvas. These bags are strong and you can use them more than once instead of getting a plastic bag every time you go shopping. There are different types of reusable carry bags and they are multipurpose which helps to eliminate the need for plastic bags.  

The other strategy is that you can buy your groceries in bulk. This will help to reduce your frequency of shopping where plastic packaging for smaller items can be required every time you visit the shop. When you buy your grocery in bulk, you will be able to use a single carry bag.  

The other thing that you should consider is to avoid products that have plastic packaging. For instance, you can consider glass containers for products like milk, beer or wine. You can also consider companies that ship fresh farm produce to your residence since they help eliminate the need for plastic packaging.   

Avoid Bottled Water

Whenever you are traveling, you should make it a policy that you avoid buying bottled water in plastic containers. You would rather carry a reusable container that you can use again after your trip. The problem with plastic water bottles is that users quickly dispose of them after emptying the contents and they are responsible for polluting rivers and oceans. Without proper recycling, plastic bottles are a menace to the environment.

You can also pack your lunch in glass containers like Mason Jars instead of using traditional lunchboxes. Mason jars are versatile and you can use them for packing different types of food. You can also use cloth sandwich bags or stainless steel containers since these are designed for packing your food when you are going camping.  

Plastic Free Guide Tips for a Life Without Plastic

The other important aspect you should consider is to avoid frozen and convenience foods. Frozen foods are wrapped in plastic material and they are packaged in cardboard with plastic lining. You can play a leading role by ditching convenience foods that are packaged in plastic. You can also avoid visiting fast-food restaurants that pack their products in plastic material.   

You can also carry reusable coffee cups and utensils that you can use throughout your camping expedition. There are also reusable bread bags that you can use to carry your food when you are traveling.   

Use Vinegar and Baking Soda in Cleaning Your House 

Baking soda and vinegar are cheap commodities that you can obtain in bulk and are packaged in cardboard boxes large glass jars respectively. You can use these commodities to disinfect and clean your house together with dishes and they are replacement of plastic bottles. 

A lot of detergents used in homes are packaged in plastic and you can make a difference by ditching them. Both soda and vinegar can replace items like shampoo that come in conditioner bottles.  In the same vein, you can also avoid plastic scrubbers but instead use copper scrubbers or dishcloths for washing your dishes. 


You can also ditch disposable wipes but rather use cotton face clothes to create a plastic-free environment around you. Bar soap is packaging-free and you can consider using it to avoid other soaps that come in plastic packaging. Essentially, the aim is to eliminate anything that comes in plastic packaging as far as possible.   

Bar soap can also work as a replacement of shaving cream which comes in plastic packages. You can also consider naturally sourced toilet paper that does not include any packaging consisting of plastic. For instance, Who Gives a Crap is a good example of a company that boasts of ethically sourced toilet paper. You can buy the product online and it is shipped right to your doorstep. 

Plastic Free Guide: Tips for a Life Without Plastic

You can also buy plastic-free toothpaste together with other lotions that come in non-plastic containers. When you buy toiletries, make sure that you avoid any product that is wrapped in plastic since this would be a major stride in creating a plastic-free environment. 


When you embark on a journey to adopt a plastic-free lifestyle, then you must avoid buying things like new CDs and DVDs. Instead, you can rather stream music, download movies, games, and shows online. You can also borrow this type of media from the library or friends instead of buying new things that are made of plastic. Alternatively, you can buy second-hand electronic goods to minimize your impact on the environment with regard to plastic use.

Is Plastic-Free Lifestyle Sustainable?

Maintaining a plastic-free lifestyle may sound impossible but once you commit yourself to attain the goal, you can make significant changes to your usual way of doing things. As long as you are committed and involved, then you can sustain the lifestyle. 

If you are fully involved in this initiative of promoting a plastic-free lifestyle, then the mission can be sustainable. It will become part of your life that you will avoid plastic material whenever you do your shopping or choose different products. In fact, you should make it a policy to make sure that you avoid using any product that comes with plastic packaging.  


When you become accustomed to this lifestyle, then you can also be in a position to influence other members to follow suit. You can achieve this goal by sharing your story on members of the family and friends. You can also actively participate in activities like outreach events while at the same time sharing your story via social media. 

It is important that you should stay abreast with information about environmental issues so that you can influence other people to change their behavior. It is crucial to highlight the benefits of leading a plastic-free lifestyle to other members of the community so they can also share your vision. 

Challenges about a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

Noble as it may sound, the initiative of maintaining a plastic-free lifestyle has its own challenges that you should also consider. For instance, it may be challenging to get alternatives to products that you regularly use since the bulk of them often come in plastic packages. 

This will certainly take your time to reach the goal of a total plastic-free lifestyle. You may also experience pressure from friends and relatives with regard to your desire to maintain your lifestyle. Alternatively, you can also be compelled to find replacements for plastic products which can be challenging. 

Benefits of Living Plastic-Free Lifestyle

There are many benefits of adopting a plastic-free lifestyle to your health and the planet at large. 

  • You make a positive impact on the environment
  • You become exemplary
  • You can inspire many people to change behavior.
  • You can also experience improved health



Though widespread in use, plastic packaging is problematic in that it causes environmental footprint which affects the planet. The footprint also poses a threat to wildlife and concerted efforts should be made to promote a plastic-free lifestyle among different people.

Any person can play a leading role in promoting this initiative by ditching products with plastic packaging. While the lifestyle may be difficult to establish, the good news is that it is possible. You can also do it.