Pain Relief for Cats Home Remedies

It can be frustrating to observe that your beautiful cat is in pain but you have no expert knowledge about the right treatment that you can offer her. While there are different types of drugs that are used by veterinarians for pain relief for cats, you should not use any of these without the supervision of the vet. 

However, the good news is that there are certain home remedies that provide pain relief for cats that you can try.  These remedies are safe and they may not require the direct supervision of your vet. Therefore, this article highlights different pain relief for cat’s home remedies that you can consider for your loved pet. 

How Do I Know that My Cat is Sick?

Unlike humans, cats cannot speak but they communicate in a different way. However, you cannot easily tell if your pet is sick or diagnose what she is suffering from. It is imperative to establish whether your pal is really sick or not before attempting to give it some remedies. 

There are different signs that can show you that your cat is in pain. For instance, excessive meowing, lack of energy as well as muscle weakness indicates that your friend might be in pain. Other signs that show that your cat might be in pain also include loss of appetite, dehydration, depression, limping, urinating problems or vomiting. 

Pain relief for cats home remedies

If you realize that your cat is not active and it is not in its usual mood, you should be suspicious about its fitness. However, you must resist the temptation to give your cat over-the-counter medication to relieve pain. Your first step is to call your vet and explain to him all the symptoms as much as possible. 

If you feel that you cannot immediately rush to your vet, there are some safe pain home remedies that you can try. It is vital to know that these measures are temporary and they cannot in any way substitute the appropriate treatment for your cat that you can get from your vet. 

Safe Pain Relief Home Remedies for Cats

It is vital to know that there are different types of remedies that are appropriate for different types of pains before administering them to your cat. More importantly, pain relief remedies that are suitable for dogs or humans are not appropriate for your cat. They may actually cause more harm than relieve the pain.

The following are some of the home remedies that you can consider for your feline that is in pain. Do not forget to contact your vet since these remedies are temporary and may not lead to the full recovery of your pet.  

Natural Home Remedies

You can also consider herbal remedies for pets since they can also relieve pain. Some products are viewed as safe for cats contain ingredients like honey bee sting, yucca, as well as chamomile, and they help to relieve different types of body pain.

The other remedy you can try is Cranberry juice which helps to relieve pain in cats that are suffering from urinary tract infection. If your cat is urinating too little or too much, suffers from pain during urination, then you should know that these are symptoms for UTI.


Lack of vitamins can also contribute to the pain your cat is experiencing. Vitamins are extremely good for your pet and you can get them as supplements and they do not cause any harm to your cat. However, it is always important to consult your vet first. 

Changing the diet for your cat can go a long way in relieving pain instead of administering medication. Foods like salmon with high content in omega-3 fatty acids have inflammation-reducing properties and these can go a long way in relieving pain in joints. 

However, one thing that you should know about these home remedies is that they do not immediately relieve pain in your cat. Repeated doses are necessary so that they build up in the cat’s system until a time they become effective. All the same, you should not forget to visit your vet. 

Body Massage Therapy

Gentle body massage therapy significantly helps to relieve pain on your cat by increasing the blood flow and oxygen through its muscle tissues. Pain in the muscles can be a result of a suppressed flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles. Body massage also helps to stimulate the production of pain-relieving endorphins in your cat.

In similar fashion, you can also try moist heat therapy for pain relief for your cat. Just like what you do if you have sore muscles, you can use heating pads to relieve pain and the therapy is equally good for your feline. You must be cautious and gently do it to avoid causing more pain to your best friend. 

Things Not to Administer to your Cat

Under whatever condition, you should never use Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) for pain relief on your cat. There are different types of common NSAIDs that you can get from your nearest drugstore that include ibuprofen, Tylenol and other similar drugs. Never attempt to give your cat the drugs that you use for pain relief since they can hurt or even kill it. 

There are certain opioid medications that are safe for cats such as fentanyl, codeine, morphine, and hydromorphone. However, only vets should prescribe these for post-surgical treatment and they help to reduce pain for certain conditions like arthritis or cancer. 


Your cat can suffer from different types of pain but as a thumb rule, you should never attempt to administer any kind of medication before you consult your vet. It is always wise to consult your vet first if you suspect that your cat is in pain. However, there are certain home remedies that can offer pain relief for cats. 

You should also know that these are temporary and they cat as a stopgap while you schedule an appointment with your vet. The other crucial thing is that common NSAIDs are not recommended for your cat under whatever circumstances. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below.