Look Remarkable with This 30-piece Must-have Wardrobe from a Minimalist Point of View

Have you experienced that feeling wherein you don’t have any clothes to wear when in fact you have tons of clothes piling up in your cabinet? Well, me too, and it is quite frustrating mixing and matching your clothes but still you end up empty-handed. Have you thought of downsizing your closet to remedy the situation? If yes, then here is a guide to having a 30-piece wardrobe the everyday minimalist suggests you have. 

Do I really Want to Be a Minimalist?

Before thinking of downsizing your closet, you must first weigh in the gains and losses you are willing to face when you choose to have a wardrobe capsule. 

First, let’s look into the rewards it brings:

  • It Makes you Happy.

Downsizing your wardrobe would mean you get to choose to keep your favorite outfits that would “spark joy” as Marie Kondo said. 

  • It Saves Space.

Wouldn’t it look good to see your clothes neatly folded and piled up in a much more spacious area? This is what we would see if we choose to downsize our wardrobe. If you choose to have a smaller wardrobe after the change, then you can. Plus, you can maximize the remaining space with a dressing table perhaps or bookshelf, whatever you choose. 

  • It will Make you Learn more about Yourself.

Before, you would think about how could someone live with only a few sets of clothes. However, after you choose to have a wardrobe capsule, you will prove yourself wrong. Plus, you get to discover more about yourself, like what you can actually do, what are your preferences, what are your taste, etc. 

  • It Helps you Save Time.

Having a minimalist wardrobe will let you save time from choosing what clothes to wear. 

  • It Helps you Save Money.

This will help you save more money and energy from buying new clothes. 

If you choose to scale back on your wardrobe, then be prepared to face these downsides;

  • It can Get Boring.

Living a minimalist life could sometimes be boring because you only have limited choices on what to wear that it tends to become repetitive and boring. Try to mix and match your clothes to have a change. 

  • You need to Wash your Clothes Regularly. 

Since you only have a few types of clothes in your closet, then you need to wash your clothes more often which leads to losing the quality and colour of your clothes more quickly. To remedy the situation, if you have clothes that you only wore for only a short time, then wear it again. 


30-Piece Wardrobe the Everyday Minimalist Would Have

This is just to guide you on the 30-piece wardrobe the everyday minimalist would have. The choice of clothes would still depend on you and your lifestyle. 


1. A Basic (Dark-Coloured) Tank

A basic tank, preferably a black one or a dark-coloured one, should be included in your list. It can be easily paired with any type of bottom. 

2. A Basic (White) Tank

There are instances wherein a dark-coloured tank wouldn’t complement the outfit, so to give variety you should have a white or even cream-coloured tank. 

3. Colourful Blouse or Shirt

To give you a bolder look and feel, keep a colourful blouse or shirt at hand. 

4. Another Colourful Blouse or Shirt

For more variety, add another colourful blouse or shirt. You can search what colour is on-trend or what colour would further complement the colour of your skin or eyes. 

Look Remarkable with This 30-piece Must-have Wardrobe from a Minimalist Point of View

5. A coloured Long Sleeve Top

You must also keep a long sleeve top that fits for meetings or any formal occasions. Choose a colourful one that would make you feel good about yourself. 

6. A (Dark-Coloured) Long Sleeve Top

Preferably, you should keep with you a black long sleeve top. Again, if you are not into black then you can choose a darker shade. 


7. Cardigan (Black or Dark-Coloured)

Choose a cardigan that would fit and snuggle your figure perfectly. Choose a black or a dark-coloured one to further complement your outfit.

8. Blazer (Black or Dark-Coloured)

Choose a three-quarter sleeve blazer that you could easily match with your dress or jeans. It will give you a more vibrant and young-looking feel to it. 

9. Blazer (Stone)

Choose a stone blazer with three-quarter sleeves that is a shade lighter than your bottoms. 


10. Jacket

Choose a casual jacket that will further complement your bold-coloured blouses. This is essential to keep especially if you are more sensitive to cold weather. 

11. Parker (Black or Dark-Coloured)

Keep with you a black or any dark-coloured parker that you could use for extremely cold days. 

12. Trench Coat

A stone-coloured or beige-coloured trench coat will protect you from cold days at the same time will exude a great fashion sense. Keeping one will be beneficial especially if you are a frequent traveller. 


13. A Casual Dress

Choose a casual dress that has minimal prints or patterns with a mixture of light and dark colours to give versatility to the look.

14. A Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a little black dress as what stylists say. Its versatility will let you wear it either for work or play.

Look Remarkable with This 30-piece Must-have Wardrobe from a Minimalist Point of View


15. A Pair of Jeans

Choose the best type of pants that would further complement your figure like skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, whatever suits your taste.

16. Casual Pants (Taupe or Mushroom)

Keep one pair of plain coloured casual pants in your closet. The one without pockets or other embellishments that you could pair with your colourful blouse. 

17. Tailored Pants (Dark-Coloured)

Stock a black or dark-coloured tailored pant that is cut in style and would flaunt you best.  

18. Tailored Pants (Taupe or Stone)

For a more casual look, keep with you a taupe or stone tailored pant (preferably with a darker shade than your jacket), or you could also opt for off-white, cream, light brown, or pale grey colours depending on your choice. 

19. Tailored Shorts

You must not forget to keep with a taupe, mushroom, or stone shorts paired that you can wear day or night that gives you a smart casual look. 


20. Casual Skirt

If possible, choose a pencil cut or a straight cut for a more versatile use. If don’t like these styles, then choose a casual skirt that will flatter your figure better like a drop waist or an A-line. 

21. Black Skirt

You could choose a plain black skirt or black skirt with minimal details that let you use it either as a corporate look or party look. 


22. Tote Bag (Black)

Keep a patent leather tote bag with you for day-to-day use. A darker shade will be more practical to use to avoid it from getting dirty easily. 

23. Tote Bag (Tan or Beige)

To give you a more versatile look, tan or beige tote bag will complement your outfit well. 

24. Small Clutch

This is essential for formal parties or gatherings. If you are not inclined to a clutch, then a small shoulder bag would be a great substitute. 

Look Remarkable with This 30-piece Must-have Wardrobe from a Minimalist Point of View


25. Ballet Flats

Choose ballet flats that have neutral colours like black, white, or tan, so that you can pair it with any of your outfits. Also, choose a ballet flat that is comfortable for you to run around.

26. Dressy Sandals

Choose a tan or bronze dressy sandal that will match with your tan tote. 

27. Strappy Sandals

Keep a T-bar strappy sandal that will flatter your style as it gives a more elongated look to your foot and leg. 

28. Black Pumps 

Like the little black dress, you can also never go wrong with a pair of patent leather black pumps that would go well with either your corporate attire or party look. Choose a pump with a more rounded toe, because it is much easier to pair. 

29. Tan Wedges

This will be a good match with your tan tote bag. It can be used to give a more fabulous look. 


30. Knee-High Boots

Especially if you leave in colder countries, knee-high boots are a must-have.


After reading this, are you still feeling happy? Do you feel free with fewer clothes to choose from?  Do you think you could survive it? The answer to these questions will tell us if choosing a minimalist wardrobe would be the best decision or if it would really spark joy in us. 

Do you have comments or questions? Feel free to jot them down, and we’ll try to answer them as soon as we can.