How to Make Kefir From Store Bought Kefir?

Milk kefir is a versatile, probiotic-rich and delicious beverage that can appeal to the tastes of the whole family. Milk kefir is even better than yogurt which is pre-made or store-bought kefir. The most important thing about milk kefir is that you can make your own from the kefir that you buy from the store.

Homemade kefir is good for your gut bacteria and it also enzymes and yeast that is essential for your health. To learn how to make kefir from store-bought kefir, there are specific steps that you should take to make the right product. As such, this article gives you instructions about how to make kefir from store-bought kefir.     

How to Make Milk Kefir?

When you want to make milk kefir from either store-bought or pre-made kefir, you are likely to have success one, two, three or four at times. There are also chances that you may not produce a successful batch of cultured kefir at the end of the day. 

Store-bought kefir significantly differs from raw milk which is why the chances of success are not always guaranteed. The culturing conditions, as well as the health of the pre-made kefir, usually determine the success of your milk kefir. These conditions also affect the outcome of your product.  

How to Make Kefir From Store Bought Kefir?

As such, you should bear in mind that succeeding in making milk kefir from pre-made kefir is not a very simple thing to do. You must contend with the fact that you may be successful or not. This is the bottom line that should always guide you when you want to make milk kefir from the kefir you buy from the store. 


Making milk kefir from store-bought kefir is a very simple and straightforward process that involves only two steps. You should add one tablespoon of kefir per one cup of fresh milk. Mix the contents well then you can culture at room temperature for a period of about 12 to 24 hours. 

In contrast, raw milk can take shorter to culture than store-bought kefir and the period may be around eight hours depending on the temperature. When culturing kefir milk from store-bought kefir, you should wait until the contents thicken. 


This is the stage where you will realize that you can either succeed or fail in making your kefir. However, the good thing is that the process is simple and easy to follow. You should only make sure that you get the freshest milk with the farthest best buy date.  

Other Alternative Ways of Making Homemade Kefir

The other way of making homemade kefir that could be of interest to you involves Milk Kefir Starter Kit or grains. Grains need more maintenance time but you can slow down the production time of your kefir. Choosing the option of kefir starter culture is the best option that can guarantee you reliable production of homemade kefir.

How to Use Milk Kefir?

You can also use milk kefir to make overnight oats consisting of steel-cut oats. These are delicious and richly satisfying to your taste buds. You can also add different things like seeds, nuts, pumpkin, peanut butter, carrot or zucchini to your milk kefir and enjoy the delicious product that you will make. The recipe is simple and adaptable such that you can use it on different occasions. 

How to Make Kefir From Store Bought Kefir?

You can also use milk kefir to make delicious peaches and cream smoothies. The recipe is simple and the other good thing is that it is inexpensive. You have all the ingredients at home and you only need to make the best recipe out of them. You can choose any recipe that you want. 

A healthy living might seem expensive to some people but the opposite is true. You can use milk kefir to enjoy some of the things that you aspire to enjoy though they may be a bit expensive. Thus, homemade products are not only cheap but they are also good for your health.   

Tips and Tricks of Making Kefir from Store-bought Kefir

The most important element that you should know is that the store-bought kefir is lightly pasteurized. This means that there are chances of getting inconsistent results if you use the kefir bought from the store as your starter culture for making your kefir. 

The likely reason for inconsistent results is that the pasteurization process can cause harm to the microbes and bacteria thereby affecting the balance of the re-cultured kefir. Therefore, to succeed in making your kefir from store-bought kefir, you can use the following tips. 

How to Make Kefir From Store Bought Kefir?

  • Try to get the freshest kefir available in the store by carefully checking through the products on the shelf to get one with the farthest best buy date.
  • It is also crucial to use the kefir you buy from the store as soon as possible to increase your chances of success.   
  • You should also culture it in low temperature pasteurized milk or fresh milk for positive results
  • Maintain the culturing temperatures stable especially between 70-77°F.
  • You must use between two and four tablespoons kefir in one quart of fresh milk while for larger batches you can use about six tablespoons half a gallon. 


I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial about how you can make milk kefir from store-bought kefir. Store-Bought kefir can include yogurt and you can use it to make homemade kefir. You can use your kefir to make things like overnight oats and delicious peaches and all these are good for your health. 

Homemade milk kefir is also advantageous in that it is economical and easy to make. Therefore, you cannot crave for good things that are often expensive while you can do it yourself at home. For instance, the recipe of milk kefir from store-bought kefir is the easiest since it only involved two steps. You also need to mix only two ingredients and you are done.  

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