How to Make Homemade Caulk Remover?

Caulk can be unsightly in your bathroom hence the need to remove it periodically. While there are chemicals that are designed to remove caulk, the good news is that there is also a homemade caulk remover that you can use to achieve the same. 

As such, the following tutorial outlines the steps that you can take to make homemade caulk remover. No special skills are required to make caulk remover at home and the product is reliable.  


You can use a simple flour-water mixture to remove any traces of old caulk from the surfaces of your wall. You only need the following two ingredients that are readily available in your home. These ingredients are not only easy to use but they are also safe and effective. 

  • Water
  • Flour 

How to make homemade caulk remover

Materials and Tools

You need the following tools to make caulk remover at home.
Caulk remover (knife)
Rubber gloves


To prepare and use this homemade water and flour mixture, there are different steps that you should take. You should wear your gloves first for protection then prepare the surface that you would like to remove the caulk. 

Cutaway all the large pieces of silicone from the walls. You can use water to soften and moisten the silicone so that it becomes easier to cut. Make sure that you remove all the large strips of silicone from the wall. 

When you have cleared the surface, then make a mixture of flour and water and this is the most important part. You should mix flour and water in appropriate ration so it forms a thick paste. The amount of flour depends on the quantity of caulk that you want to remove from the walls. 

For instance, you can start with a cup of flour and add some water. Mix the contents thoroughly and you can add more water or flour so that you create a thick paste. You should remember that it is vital to use white flour instead of whole wheat flour. 

How to make homemade caulk remover

Essentially, you should aim to create a thick and binding paste and this might not be possible when you use whole wheat flour. You can see if the mixture is thick enough. 

When your pasta is ready, you can spread it over the remaining caulk on the surface using your finger. Make sure you spread it evenly over the entire surface and leave it to sit there until it dries. Allow the mixture to dry so that it adheres to the caulk.  

When the mixture has dried completely, make sure that you wash the paste away with water and this will leave a clean and smooth surface that is clear of any caulk. The method of removing caulk from the walls is simple and it is also effective and reliable. 

Benefits of Homemade Caulk Remover Solution

The main advantage of using this mixture to remove caulk is that it is simple and the ingredients that you would need are readily available in your home. In other words, the method is inexpensive since you can get the things required readily at home. 

The other benefit of the homemade caulk remover solution is that it is eco-friendly and safe to use. It does not contain chemicals that might be detrimental to the environment. 

Tips and Tricks

When removing caulk, you should try to pull out the old caulk before you dissolve it. You can use a razor blade to cut along the side of the caulk then pull it from the surface. You can then dissolve the smaller pieces using your homemade caulk solution.

When you are preparing the surface where you want to remove caulk, you should always make sure that it is clear of any liquid substance. Make sure that the surface is clear of any residue from the soap or other types of foam. 

You should also know that if you are dealing with a larger surface like the entire bathroom, then you might need more time to apply the caulk remover. In some instances, homemade caulk remover might not be appropriate but just check the surface first. 

You must take safety precautions when you are removing caulk from the walls and this is very important. It is also crucial to wear protective gloves when dealing with caulk to protect your hands from the effects of chemicals. It is also important to keep the razor and other tools that you use to remove caulk away from the reach of children.    

How to make homemade caulk remover

While you are applying the homemade caulk remover, you must also know that chances are high that the mixture can get on your clothes. However, this should not be a very big issue since you can solve this problem in a very simple way. 

You just need to fold the garment and place it in the freezer and make sure that the sealant freezes then peel it gently using your fingers. It is very easy to remove the sealant using this particular method.  When removing the sealant from wood, you might need a good quality wood cleaner that you can use. 

When the sealant remover comes into contact with your skin, quickly rinse it with water before it dries. When you experience some irritation on your skin, then you might need to visit a doctor. Otherwise, the solution is harmless since it comprises of water and flour. 

Removing caulk from aluminum surface using the water and flour solution can be challenging but it is possible.  You must use a knife first to remove all caulk pieces and pull them gently to avoid damaging the surface. When you have removed all the particles, gently apply the homemade water and flour mixture and rinse the residue with water.   


I hope you have enjoyed reading this short tutorial about how to make homemade caulk remover. As you have observed, there are no special skills that are required to make caulk remover. Removing the caulk can be tedious though simple so you must use the right tools and other related materials to achieve your goals. You can leave your comments and questions below.