How to Have a Zero Waste Wedding?

When you are planning your wedding, it can be hard to differentiate between things that will stay and things that leave with the guests. Uncovering a zero waste approach is both easier than expected and rewarding in its own right!

The “zero waste wedding favors” is a great way to have a zero-waste wedding. Instead of giving out items, guests can bring their own gifts and use the leftovers for other purposes.

How do you avoid plastic bottles at a wedding?

A: You can avoid plastic bottles by bringing your own reusable water bottle. If you are unable to bring a reusable water bottle, then you should ask the wedding coordinator if they have any options for you.

How can I make my wedding sustainable?

A: The best way to make your wedding sustainable is to plan ahead and try to reduce the amount of waste you produce. You can also consider using a green catering company that uses compostable materials in their food.


A “wasteful wedding” is a term that refers to the act of spending money on unnecessary items for a wedding. The goal of zero waste weddings is to reduce the amount of waste created by the event.

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