How to Dispose of Razor Blades

Many people still use razor blades for shaving but the issue is that with time, they wear out. When a razor blade is worn out, you cannot continue using it since it can lead to unwanted conditions on your skin like razor bumps. These are unsightly and irritating. 

The next thing you can do after your razor blade has worn out is to dispose of it. However, the issue is about how to dispose of razor blades since they can pose a danger to kids. This post gives you tips about the steps that you can take to properly dispose of your used razor blade. 

Why You Should Properly Dispose of Razor Blades?

If you use a double-edged razor blade, it continues to be a threat to the safety of other people, especially kids. The blade might not be fit for its purpose when you consider it worn out but it remains sharp to injure someone. Therefore, proper disposal of used blades is vital to ensure the safety of everyone at home. 

Why You Should Properly Dispose of Razor Blades

It is also not advisable to throw used razor blades in the trash since they can also pose a danger to sanitation workers who remove and sort the waste material. They can accidentally cut themselves while sorting the trash. The razor used razor blades can also pose a danger to pets if not properly disposed off. 

 Though razor blades are made of recyclable material, the option of recycling them is not viable. Razor blades are too thin such that the hope of recovering meaningful material for reuse does not make economic sense. The attempt to recycle razor blades is also not a good one since it can expose the sanitation workers to risk. As such, a few steps can help you ensure the safety of others by properly disposing of all used razors.

Steps to Dispose Razor Blades

There are different steps that you can take to dispose of used razor blades. These are simple to follow and they can ensure safety to your family. 

Use Old Case 

Double-edged razor blades usually come with packaging when you buy them. When you open the case, you must not throw it away since you can use it for storage of the razor blade for future use. When you feel that the blade is due for disposal, put it back in its original packaging and dispose of it in a special container as you are going to see below. 

Buy Disposal Case

You can buy a disposal case that is specially designed for sharp objects like razor blades. Disposal containers are designed in such a way that they can hold several used razor blades for months. When the container is full, you have the option of opening it and disposing of the contents so that you can reuse it. 

Disposal Case

However, disposal containers are not very expensive so you can dispose of the whole container with used razors intact to avoid scattering them. This type of container can hold up to about 100 used razor blades. 

Make Your Own Blade Bank at Home  

Making your own blade bank at home is a viable and cost-effective solution that you can use to collect all used razors. You can use any empty container you can find at home to collect used razor blades. However, make sure that the container has a lid that you can tighten so that the contents are secured. 

When you get the correct container, you must cut a slot on the lid which you can use to put used razor blades into the tin. You must properly label the tin so that other people at home cannot confuse it with other useful things. When the tin is full, you can then dispose of it. 

How to Dispose of Your Razor Blades?

There are mainly two methods that you can use to dispose of the used razor blades that you have collected. If you use a homemade blade bank option to collect used blades, then you can simply throw it away in the normal rubbish bin when it is full.  

Since the container with old razor blades is tightly sealed, it is safe to dispose of it in any normal bin. You just need to ensure that you seal the slot on the lid with tape to prevent the blades from scattering in other trash. You must know you cannot recycle the used razor blades when you use this method of homemade bank to collect them. 

When you use a disposal case to collect used razor blades, you have the option of recycling them. Disposal tins are specifically designed for the purpose of storing razor blades such that you can recycle them once the tin is full. 

The tin is also made of metal which is recyclable just like razor blades. Therefore, you do not need to worry about emptying the tin when it is full since it can be recycled together with used razor blades. 

How You Can Recycle Used Razor Blades?

Before you take the old razor blades to your nearest recycling center, it is imperative to know the regulations and guidelines used for recycling razor blades in your own city. You should properly follow these guidelines to ensure that everyone is safe and no one can be injured by the razor blades. 

You can visit the website of your nearest recycling center to get more information about the types of items that can be recycled. The most important thing is to get a disposal tin that is recyclable if you want to safely collect used razor blades and dispose them without posing a danger to other people. The method is safe and easy and you can try it. 

How You Can Recycle Used Razor Blades


 While you can use a razor blade for shaving, it is important to be careful about the safe disposal of used blades. If you have any questions about how to dispose of razor blades, I will be glad to assist. However, with regard to disposal of used razor blades, the best actionable action that you can take is to collect them in a container that you can dispose of once full. A recyclable metal container is fit for this purpose.