Facts and Benefits of Hemp Clothing

If you’ve ever heard of the word hemp before, I bet what comes to your mind is Cannabis Sativa, a commonly abused herb that has psychoactive properties. What most people don’t know is that apart from being used as a drug to get high, hemp is also an important plant that can be used in making high quality, durable clothing. If you are looking for better ways to cut back on animal cruelty and desist from fabrics made from hides, then you might want to consider hemp fabrics as they are completely cruelty-free since they are made from plant-based materials. 

Hemp clothing is similar to clothes made from bamboo. This is because they are organic materials that are obtained from plants. It is important to mention that the hemp that is used in making clothes is completely different from the cannabis plant which contains THC like its close cousin marijuana. If you make your own research, you will discover that fabrics made from hemp, are a better alternative for making quality jeans, hats, dresses, shirts, bags, paper, canvas, ropes, and skincare products. 

Hemp was the major material used in making clothes back in the 1920s. In the United States, hemp was used in making over 80% of the fabrics produced around this period. It is also worth mentioning that George Washington had hemp fields that he cultivated for the sole purposes of making hemp fabrics and ropes. But there is a lot of concerns associated with hemp clothing as a lot of people find it difficult to accept it due to its connection with the recreational drug. Before we go into the benefits of hemp clothing, let’s first check out some important facts that you need to know about hemp clothing. 

What role does hemp play in clothing?

Hemps is used as an underlining fabric in making shirts, jackets, socks, gloves, pants, and other kinds of clothing. In most cases, hemp is used in addition with other fabrics such as silk, cotton, and linen due to the fact that it can easily be dyed to any specific color. 

Facts and Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Is it Legal to Use Hemp for Clothing?

Since there are a lot of legal implications with the use of marijuana, it is okay to be worried about the legal implications of using hemp for clothing. The truth is that it is legal to wear clothes made from hemp in all parts of the world. This is because there is no THC in hemp clothing meaning that you don’t have the risk of suffering from the high associated with THC when you put on fabrics made from hemp. 

How should you wash Hemp clothes?

You can wash hemp clothes by simply dipping them in cold or warm water and using a mild soap or detergent. You can wash them together with other colored clothes but you need to avoid adding chlorine in order not to bleach the unique color of the fabric. 

Now that we have discussed some of the myths surrounding hemp clothing, we will now take a look at some of the benefits of wearing hemp clothing. 

Benefits of Wearing Hemp Clothes 

  • Strong and Durable 

Clothes made from hemp are strong and known to last longer than other fabrics. You can compare them with some of the most eco-friendly materials that you can find in the world. Hemp is strong and durable because of the type of fibers it possesses. They can only be compared to those of bamboo and are more durable compared to cotton. The strong nature of the fibers makes it possible for the clothes to be able to withstand the elements. If you want to purchase a fabric that will still retain its shape after a while, then you definitely need to consider purchasing clothes made from hemp. 

  • Soft on the Skin 

One of the things we are on the lookout for when we hold a fabric is how soft it feels on the skin. Clothes made from hemp are soft and comfortable to wear. You don’t need to bother about the thread count, you can be certain that it will look and feel great once it comes in contact with your skin. The softness of hemp fabrics can be easily attributed to the manner in which the fibers are packed within the herb. Clothes made with a high amount of hemp fiber are considered to be softer than those with a less hemp fiber content. Clothes made from hemp with the same thread count as those made from linen and cotton are known to be softer than the latter. 

Facts and Benefits of Hemp Clothing

  • Suitable for all-weather 

Hemp clothing is safe for use in any weather. This is because they are easily breathable and provide you with the right kind of insulation. Some fabrics are known to be suitable for use in the summer while others don’t provide you with the much needed warmth you require during the cold winter months. But you can wear clothes made from hemp in the summer and winter months to keep you warm. This insulation ability of hemp clothing can be attributed to the nature of the cellulose fiber and how they are arranged. You can also use hemp fabric to make bed sheets, pillows and blankets that can keep you warm especially in cold weather. 

  • Protects you from Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation 

Clothes made from hemp are known to be able to protect the skin from unwanted UV rays. This also helps to protect the skin from sunburns hence are a popular fabric option for those looking for ways to keep their skin safe. No one loves to suffer from skin burn or expose their skin to unwanted radiation. With the use of hemp fabric, you greatly limit your exposure to harmful rays from the sun. 


  • Hemp fabric softens over time

The more you wear your clothes made from hemp, the softer they become. This means that you get to feel more comfortable in your hemp clothes each time you wash and wear them. This is one of the properties of hemp clothing that makes it a popular material for use in making fabrics. You can’t find this property with any other type of clothing material commonly used as fabric. 

  • Easily absorbs water 

Hemp clothing is highly water absorbent. This makes it a good fit for those who love to wear fabrics that keep them fresh and dry no matter the weather. Hemp fabric also has the ability to retain color dyes making it a good fabric to use in addition with other clothing materials. If you want a fabric that has the ability to keep you dry even in the hottest of days, then you should consider switching to hemp clothing. 

Facts and Benefits of Hemp Clothing

  • Resists wear and tear 

Clothes made from hemp are capable of resisting the wear and tear that is usually caused by abrasion. You know how fragile it can be when your clothes brush against the wall or come in contact with a sharp object; well you’ve got nothing to worry about with hemp clothing. Due to its strong properties, fabrics made from hemp are able to maintain their shape and are tough enough to withstand potential damage caused by abrasion. 

  • Possess antimicrobial properties 

Hemp clothing possesses antimicrobial properties which help to ensure that the fabric smells good even after wearing it a couple of times. Compared to other fabrics like cotton, hemp clothes can remain fresh and can resist the growth of mildew and mold even when it is heaped in a pile in the laundry bin. This is another property that makes me love my clothes made from hemp, I can wear them often without even washing them. All I have to do is to spread them out on the line to let the moisture inside to get dried and it is ready for reuse. 

  • Requires less water compared to cotton 

Hemp clothing requires less water compared to cotton. This is good news since it is becoming difficult to get access to clean, unpolluted water. This helps is good for the environment as it helps to maintain our freshwater reserves on the long term. Bamboo is the only plant-based fabric material that shares this characteristic with hemp. If you want to save more water, wear clothes made from hemp or bamboo. 


  • Hemp Grows Quickly 

Compared to cotton and bamboo, hemp grows quickly making it a readily available source of fabric for use in making clothes. As a matter of fact, hemp has the ability to grow twice faster than cotton. 

Hemp is a good source of plant-based fabric for use in making clothes. Apart from it been closely associated with THC, there are many industrial applications of hemp as it is used in making essential oil, and also plays an important role in the fabric industry for making quality clothes that are durable enough to last you a long time. 

Do you have any clothes made from Hemp and how does it feel on your skin? We will like to hear about your experience wearing hemp clothing. Feel free to let us know in the comment section.