Benefits of Zero Waste Reusable Razor for Women

Shaving is good since it helps you to get rid of unwanted hair. However, have you ever thought about what will happen to the used razor once you dispose of it? Razors that are not biodegradable pose a threat to the environment. 

As such, zero waste reusable razors can provide the best alternative to traditional blades that can impact on the environment. For example, there are many benefits of using zero waste reusable razor women. This post highlights some of the benefits that can be achieved by using reusable razors. 

Benefits of Zero Waste Razors for Women

There are many benefits that can be achieved by women who opt to use zero waste razors. The razors are also good for the environment so play your part by switching to safety razors that are eco-friendly, affordable, user-friendly, durable and safe to dispose of.  

Zero Waste Razor is Eco-friendly

The greatest benefit of using zero waste reusable razors is that they are friendly to the environment. Every year, billions of used razors are sent to landfills but the main challenge is that these razors will take millions of years to decompose.  

In fact, razors that are not made of biodegradable material are practically impossible to recycle. This means that the razors are dumped in landfills and they will not decompose which results in causing an impact on the environment. The problem with these razors is that they comprise of metal and plastic which cannot decompose. 

Benefits of Zero Waste Reusable Razor for Women

If you want to make a positive change in the environment, then you can switch to safety razors. Safety razors are zero waste and reusable which means that you do not cause an impact on the environment. You can use the razor several times since the only thing that you can dispose of is a small blade.

However, the good news about safety razor blades is that they are recyclable. Instead of polluting the environment after they have been disposed of, safety razors can be recycled to produce another product that can also be used for other purposes. Recycling used razors for making new products does not require new raw materials which help to protect the environment in the long run.  

Lesser Skin Irritation and Razor Burn

When you use a zero waste razor, only one blade will come into contact with your skin. To get a cleaner and smooth skin, it means you will need more passes which means that you are likely to get lesser razor burn. Skin irritation is another problem that can be caused by shaving but when you use a safety razor, you are likely to overcome this challenge. 

However, reduced skin irritation and razor burns cannot be guaranteed to all users since people have different types of skin. The sensitivity of your skin, type of cream and razor blades determine the quality of results that you will get after shaving. 

Limited Cost

The other significant thing that you can enjoy from using zero waste reusable razor pertains to reduced cost compared to other traditional razor blades. Razors are difficult to recycle and billions are thrown into landfills every year. 

The unfortunate part is that a pack consisting of four disposable razors costs an average of between $8 and $12. On the other hand, a safety razor will cost you an upfront of between $30 and $100 but the major benefit is that you can get replacement blades for only one dollar each. 

The razor blades can last for a period exceeding a month depending on how well you care for them between uses. The razor base is designed to last you a lifetime so once you acquire the safety razor kit, then there are no more costs to talk about. 

How Long Should you Change the Razor Blade?

The other benefit of using a safety zero waste reusable razors is that they are made of durable material and can last a longer period. In between uses, you must keep the razor blades dry to prevent them from corroding.  If you are good in caring for your blade, then it can give you six shaves

The safety razor is versatile and you can use it for different purposes like shaving all parts of your body such as armpits and bikini area apart from your legs. The razor also has a thinner and more elegant design that makes it easy to use.

Benefits of Zero Waste Reusable Razor for Women

The razor can last longer as long as you know the safety tips on how to prevent it from rusting despite the way you use it. You must avoid keeping the razor in a moist area. Instead, dry it with a towel after use so that it does not catch rust and store in a safe place. Do not be tempted to leave the razor in the shower room since it will be exposed to moist conditions.  

Safe Disposal of the Razor

Zero waste razors are reusable and you can use them over a very long period of time. If you get safety blades, the other notable advantage is that they are recyclable so you do not cause an impact on the environment by disposing of them everywhere

The blades are made of stainless steel and the good part is that they are recyclable. This means that you cannot wantonly throw away used blades since you can store them in a safe blade bank at home. A blade bank is a secure container that helps to keep the used razor blades away from the kids and pets.

When the container is full of used razor blades, you can then find collectors of local scrap metal in your place and these can take the contents for recycling. You should know the regulations in your city with regard to disposal of recyclable matter like used razor blades. 

Benefits of Zero Waste Reusable Razor for Women


 I hope you have enjoyed this post which outlines the benefits of zero waste reusable razors for women. For instance, zero waste razors are eco- friendly, affordable, they cause less skin irritation and they are also durable. 

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